Tony Blair savages Biden over Afghan retreat 20 years for these people, not a long time

Tony Blair calls for more UK counter-terrorism measures

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Tony Blair has challenged the policy of US President Joe Biden over Afghanistan. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the former Prime Minister warned that Mr Biden’s support for ending “forever wars” will not curb the threat from Islamist terrorists. Mr Blair warned the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan did not end the war on terror because he stresses Islamist terrorist groups are in a “long long struggle.”

Mr Blair told Radio 4’s Today programme: “The reason I objected so much to this phrase ‘we must end forever wars’ is one when we get out of Afghanistan we have not ended the war we have just ended our participation in it.

“Twenty years for these people is not a long time.

“They don’t think in terms of 20 years, they believe they are in a long long struggle to recover the true religion of Islam from western people who have humiliated Muslims and from Muslim leaders who have sold out.

Asked if Western troops should have stayed in Afghanistan forever, he replied: “We wouldn’t have to stay forever but we should have stayed long enough to help the country continue with the progress it was making.”


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