Too much chaos! Lord Frosts brutal assessment of instability in No10

Lord Frost is grilled on possibility he’d run for Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister is facing increasing talks to resign after he admitted he attended one of the many parties held in Downing Street throughout the coronavirus pandemic when the rest of the country was under strict lockdown rules, set by the Government.

His reputation was marred even further following claims his wife, Carrie Johnson, held a surprise birthday party for him with more than 30 guests being invited – another breach of lockdown rules.

The Metropolitan Police have also launched an investigation into the parties despite previously claiming there was a lack of evidence.

Mr Johnson’s future as Prime Minister lies in what Sue Gray has found in her investigation – which is set to be published on Monday.

Now the former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost has warned the future of Mr Johnson’s Government “needs to be settled in the next few days”.

In his latest column in The Sun, Lord Frost said: “We have seen too much chaos, instability and distraction recently.

“Now we have a police investigation in the mix too.

“Matters need to be brought to a head.

“Sue Gray’s report must be published and judgments must be made.

“Her report may provide evidence to condemn the Prime Minister.

“Or it may turn out, as so often before, that his critics have allowed their dislike of Brexit, or of Boris Johnson personally, to blind them to the facts.”

Lord Frost added how No10 is “often chaotic” and “never more so than is those early weeks of the pandemic”.

He continued: “Even in normal times, unplanned meetings happen.

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“Not everyone reads every email, not everyone remembers every conversation.

“So, if the PM can convince everyone that what happened was poor judgment, not deliberate intent — and crucially, if he is open about anything else that may yet emerge — he may yet be able to reset the Government and move forward.

“Whoever is in charge, that fresh start is very much needed.”

He went on to say how MPs will have to draw their own conclusions from the Sue Gray report “seriously” as they know what is at stake.

However, he claimed that if Mr Johnson does resign, it does not mean Brexit will go.

Lord Frost continued: ” We are not going back into the EU.

“But it is true that some still want us to run the country just as if we were a member of the EU.

“Whatever the future holds, we must resist that.

“If we go down that road, we will not get the benefits of doing things differently and Brexit will fail.”

Lord Frost – who resigned as Brexit minister last year – said Britain’s departure from the EU was about “putting an end to those old ways of doing things”.

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