Tory civil war erupts as MPs fume at Boris lockdown by stealth plans

Omicron: Tory MP compares vaccine passports to 'Nazi Germany'

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Several backbench MPs have vowed to vote against the new Omicron measures, with the Government possibly forced to rely on Labour to push through the new legislation. Former Conservative Party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said the Government’s latest proposals “feels like a lockdown by stealth”. In a show of disunity, more than 60 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Prime Minister’s new Plan B Covid measures.

Today Mr Johnson will attempt to push through the new stringent coronavirus measures, but he has been warned of a bitter showdown in the Commons.

One controversial point is that proof of jab or a negative test will be mandatory for anyone wishing to visit large venues.

Many MPs fear the Prime Minister will not stop there and are fearful he may impose even stricter curbs before Christmas.

It has been reported that Government officials are already devising an even stricter Plan C.

This could see a return of “checking in” to a pub or restaurant, using masks in all indoor spaces and having to show a vaccine status at even more venues.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Conservative MP Peter Bone said vaccine passports “are nothing more than an identity card” and do not work.

He added: “Testing is the way if you want to stop people spreading Covid.

“The problem is we are halfway between two things, the Government has done a bit by what they call Plan B, but in a way Plan B is a stepping stone to a lockdown.

“We cannot lockdown again.

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“Schools cannot shut.”

Banckbench Tory Henry Smith said Plan B was a “danger to our civil liberties”.

He said it would “severely impact” economic recovery prospects.

He added: “I think it is yet further distraction from other health conditions which require attention, such as the cancer backlog.

“I don’t actually think the restrictions work.”

Another Conservative backbencher, Andrew Bridgen, slammed Mr Johnson’s Plan B as “a complete overreaction not supported by the science or the data”.

He said: “I’m not voting for Plan B, I didn’t even vote for Plan A, and I certainly will not be supporting any further removal of freedoms from British citizens over a mild variant with a very low hospitalisation rate.”

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