Transgender paedophile hails Sturgeon as a great First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon grilled in tense clash over Isla Bryson

A transgender paedophile who was allowed to serve time in a women’s prison praised Nicola Sturgeon as a “great First Minister”, it has emerged. In a series of Twitter posts, Katie Dolatowski – who has been convicted of carrying out offences against young girls in supermarket toilets – expressed disappointment at Ms Sturgeon’s shock resignation.

Dolatowski, who was born male but now identifies as female, also backed Ms Sturgeon’s controversial gender reforms.

The 22-year-old made the comments in a string of tweets to more than 700 followers under the new identity of Alyanna McKenna, which Dolatowski has been referred to as in court documents.

In a post on February 17 just two days after Ms Sturgeon’s announced her resignation, Dolatowski said: “I will miss Nicola Sturgeon. It’s a shame she’s leaving.”

In a further tweet on March 7, Dolatowski said: “Nicola was a great First Minister, it’s a shame that people are trying to make out as some evil person.”

Dolatowski also repeated arguments made by SNP politicians to defend the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

The Bill, which would make it easier for people in Scotland to change their legally recognised gender, was passed by the Scottish Parliament but blocked by the UK Government.

Dolatowski tweeted on February 9: “Why don’t you tell me. What parts of the gender bill actually give trans people more rights and/or access to women’s only spaces? As women’s aid and rape crisis already work on self ID.”

The 22-year-old also backed Humza Yousaf to replace Ms Sturgeon as SNP leader and Scottish First Minister in a Twitter post on March 14.

And in a further tweet on the same day, Dolatowski branded leadership hopeful Kate Forbes a “fake feminist”.

Dolatowski has also tweeted about the issue of trans people using public toilets.

In a tweet on March 27, Dolatowski said: “I know I’m not a threat to anyone. If you don’t feel safe. Don’t use public bathrooms.”

In another post on April 1, Dolatowski said: “I know trans women aren’t a threat if I use the bathroom.”

Marion Calder, a director at the For Women Scotland campaign group, said it would come as “no surprise to anyone, apart from Ms Sturgeon and Mr Yousaf” to see sex offenders backing the Bill.

She told the Telegraph: “The ability to construct a new identity is of course appealing to those wishing to hide a criminal past.”

In 2018 Dolatowski sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a supermarket toilet and filmed a 12-year-old girl on the toilet at a separate supermarket.

Dolatowski was last year held in the Cornton Vale women’s prison, where the transgender rapist Isla Bryson was also initially sent, after breaching a restriction of liberty order.

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