Ukraines top diplomat invites NATO ships in North Sea to eject Russia Theyre welcome!

Ukraine ‘needs NATO ships in Black Sea’ says Prystaiko

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Mr Prystaiko claimed that some NATO ships were already in Ukraine near the Black Sea port. The Ukrainian Ambassador discussed needing more support to push puck Russian servicemen from holding the prosperous port. The Black Sea off Odesa is expected to become the next major battleground in the war, as Russia set its eyes on the shipping zone. Mr Prystaiko outlined why it was so important to hold the Black Sea port of Odesa from Russian occupation.

Sky News host Niall Paterson said: “When you talk then about doing something about the Black Sea, about doing something about Odesa and so on, let’s be specific about it.

“What are you referring to NATO ships in there, a no-sail zone?”

Mr Prystaiko told the presenter: “As clear as that, NATO ships in the Black Sea, they’re welcome in our sea and there are members of NATO.

“At least three members of NATO within the basin of the circular… And Bulgaria.

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Mr Pystaiko added: “So they’re already there, it’s not a big deal.

“We need to have somebody to reinforce the effort, yes to come and they are invited to Odesa all the way.”

Ukrainian politicians have persisted to call for other NATO countries to get involved in the war by imposing a no-fly zone or actively putting boots on the ground.

NATO officials have decided to not send their soldiers into the battlefield due to the threat of all-out war and nuclear retaliation from Russia.

NATO chief defends resistance to send troops to Ukraine

NATO Secretary-General Jen Stoltenberg predicted the war in Ukraine may not be over for some time, but offered more support to Ukraine.

Mr Stolenberg said: “We have all seen the atrocities that have been committed in Bucha and other places in Ukraine.

“This reveals the true nature of President Putin’s war. Any targeting and killing of civilians is a war crime and therefore Nato allies are supporting international efforts to establish all the facts, to investigate, and to make sure that perpetrators are punished.

“We have seen no indication that President Putin has changed his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine and also to rewrite the international order so we need to be prepared for a long haul.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned against involving British troops in direct conflict with the Russian army, as it will result in a bigger global war.

But instead, Mr Wallace and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have both agreed to keep sending weapons to Ukrainian servicemen to help them fight against Russia.

Mr Wallace said: “There will be more lethal aid going into Ukraine as a result of today.

“Ukraine needs longer-range artillery and that’s because of what the Russian army has been doing which is now digging in and starting to pound these cities with artillery.

“The best counter to that is other long-range artillery so they’ll be looking for and getting more long-range artillery, ammunition predominantly.

“They are obviously looking for equipment to defend its coastline because of Russian activity down there and we’ll be looking to see what more we can do.

“They are also looking for armoured vehicles of some types, not tanks necessarily, but certainly protective vehicles, and more anti-air. All of this will be forthcoming as a result of this conference.”

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