‘Unfit for prime minister!’ Boris history exposed after running scared record unleashed

Boris Johnson 'unfit to be Prime Minister' says Butterworth

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Benjamin Butterworth appeared on Jeremy Vine on 5 and tore into the Prime Minister who he accused of “running scared” whenever challenges were thrown his way. Mr Butterworth skewered Boris Johnson and accused him of not taking his role “seriously” before listing off his history of avoiding accountability to an astounded panel. Host Jeremy Vine remarked Mr Butterworth’s assessment of the Prime Minister was really quite “bad” when put that way and was shocked remembering his murky history. 

Speaking on Channel 5, Mr Butterworth and the Jeremy Vine panel debated the recent sleaze scandal engulfing the Conservatives.

Mr Vine asked whether the Prime Minister was running scared to which Mr Butterworth replied: “Yeah, absolutely. 

“I mean, he’s just proving over and over again why he is unfit to be Prime Minister. 

“And you don’t need to be leaning left or a Tory to think that, this is a man that always said that he didn’t want the new runway at Heathrow. 

“Then when it was voted on, he went to Afghanistan to avoid the vote. 

“When Good Morning Britain tried to interview him during a General Election, he hid in a fridge so he didn’t have to answer the questions. 

“And now there’s a sleaze scandal that is his own making and judgement in Parliament and he goes to a hospital visit and doesn’t even bother to wear a mask. 

“This is the man that doesn’t take basic standards of public life seriously.”

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Mr Butterworth continued and said the Owen Paterson sleaze scandal was made worse by Mr Johnson’s intervention which proves he and the Tories are not thinking of the public.

Kathyrn Stone, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, called for a Commons ban of 30 sitting days for Owen Paterson.

The standards body found Mr Paterson lobbied on behalf of two companies that paid him more than £100,000 per year.

Mr Paterson tried to appeal against the decision but the decision was sent to the House of Commons to vote on his suspension.

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However, an amendment put forward by Andrea Leadsom tried to introduce a Conservative-led committee that would review the decision and suggest whether a new standards system is needed.

The committee would be made up of cross-party MPs but the ultimate decision on Mr Paterson’s suspension would fall to Tory minister John Whittingdale.

Conservative whips told backbenchers to vote for the amendment with it narrowly passing 250 to 232 votes.

Many abstained or voted against the amendment as opposition benches were furious at the decision and vowed to boycott the committee.

The Government then U-turned on the decision following mass outcry with Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg telling the House there will now be cross-party talks on reform rather than Mr Paterson’s specific case.

Following that, Mr Paterson resigned with a by-election scheduled for December.

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