We have NEVER been part of the Schengen! James Cleverly blames NOT Brexit but French

English people 'too lazy to work' says coffee shop owner

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The Port of Dover has seen massive queues over the last few days with both sides blaming each other for the disruption. While the UK Government blames France for the lack of custom officers at the border to process passports, the French Government blamed the Brexit deal the UK Government has chosen.

When asked who is to blame, James Cleverly told Sky News: “I think that Liz (Truss) was absolutely right when she said that the pressures ultimately can be resolved on the French side.

“It seems that they don’t have enough people to man the checks. 

“We have always borders. Anyone that’s crosses int France will know that we’ve always had checks at the border. 

“We’re not part of the Schengen area.”


Sky News’ Kay Burley said: “But they’ve been waived through most people with the odd passports being checked. That’s not the case anymore.”


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