‘We voted to leave!’ Starmer’s Brexit attack on Boris sparks furious backlash

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Sir Keir criticised the Prime Minister for attempting to “dress up” no deal as an Australian-style arrangement – Downing Street shorthand for reverting to World Trade Organisation rules with the UK’s largest trading partner – under which Britain could prosper.

Boris Johnson promised a deal. He needs to get on and deliver it

Sir Keir Starmer

He tweeted: “There’s no point dressing it up as an Australian deal. It’s no deal and that would be a complete failure of statecraft.

“Boris Johnson promised a deal. He needs to get on and deliver it.”

But his comments prompted a swift backlash on social media.

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One critic said: “I don’t think delivering what the country voted for can be described as a failure to be honest.”

Another said: “We voted to leave! The ballot paper did not say leave with a deal or leave without a deal.

“It was Leave the EU or Remain in the EU.”

Another said: “It takes two to make a deal. Your criticism of Boris Johnson may be fair but I have not seen you criticise the EU.

“Are you saying we should just give them what they want?

“No PM should accede to regulatory alignment in the future to changes made without our input.”

And another said: “If ‘statecraft’ means entering a negotiation obliged to accept the terms offered by the other side.

“With that kind of approach to trade, you really should buy my house.”

Sir Keir even came under fire from Labour supporters who criticised the party leader’s position on Brexit.

One tweeted: “I think you are a weak opposition leader when it comes to the current Brexit situation.

“You hardly say anything – it’s almost like you don’t want to have an opinion. I’m not impressed by your approach.”

Sir Keir, who is self-isolating until Tuesday after a staff member tested positive for coronavirus, has also given further indication that Labour would back any fresh terms agreed by the Government.

According to reports, the issue of whether Labour should vote for a deal or abstain in the Commons has caused a split at the top of the party.

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The ex-shadow Brexit secretary said: “We haven’t got a deal yet. But if it is a straight choice between a deal and no deal then I’m in no doubt that a deal is in the national interest.”

The UK and EU have agreed that a firm decision on the future of the talks must be made tomorrow.

But speaking during a trip to the North East yesterday, the Mr Johnson said it was “very, very likely” that the UK would leave the transitional trading arrangements with the EU on December 31 without an agreement.

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