‘We want to leave right now!’ SNP declares Scotland would rather be in EU than part of UK

Johnson won’t ‘stand for long’ against IndyRef2 says SNP MP

SNP MP John Nicolson told Sky News that Scotland has suffered devastating effects of Brexit since the transition period with the European Union ended on December 31 2020. Mr Nicoloson added that Brexit is bad for all nations within the United Kingdom but pointed to the fact Scotland did not vote to leave the trading bloc during the 2016 referendum. 

The SNP MP was asked: “Would Scotland prefer right now to be part of the EU than the union?”

Mr Nicolson replied: “In my view, Scotland would prefer to be part of the European Union.

“Scotland voted very heavily to be in the EU and we have seen the effect of Brexit.

“It has had a devastating effect on our fisheries and a whole variety of other industries.

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“We know how angry farmers are about it, we have seen delays at the ports.

“So Brexit is bad for Scotland just as it is for the whole of the United Kingdom.

“The difference is of course that England and Wales voted for Brexit and Scotland did not.”

During the same interview, the SNP MP backed Boris Johnson to give into Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for another referendum on Scottish independence.

Boris Johnson has ‘every right’ to be in Scotland says commentator

Mr Nicolson stated that Scotland cannot be trapped in the United Kingdom against the will of the Scottish people.

He added that Boris Johnson will not stand against the demand for another referendum for long as his current position is unattainable. 

The SNP MP said: “I have been around politics long enough to remember when the Tories said there was no demand for devolution and that they would not allow Scottish Parliament.

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“They have always been on the back foot on the issue of the constitution and Boris Johnson is again.

“If the UK is to be seen as a functioning democracy, you cannot have Scotland trapped within it against the will of the people of Scotland.

“That is not a democracy and I do not think Boris Johnson will stand against this for long.

“I know a number of his senior Tory colleagues are saying that his current position is just not attainable.”

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