Weve seen evidence! Liz Truss blasted for reaction to Kay Burleys Sky probe on Boris

Liz Truss skirts questions on Downing Street parties

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Kay Burley appeared to down tools and accuse Liz Truss of “not giving me very much” as she told her that she had to ask a whopping “seventeen” questions compared to her usual seven or eight because of Liz Truss’s failure to come clean on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson had broken the law in relation to multiple COVID-19 flouting events in Downing Street. It comes as the Metropolitan Police are now investigating eight potential law breaking bashes in Downing Street, including an alleged birthday party held for Mr Johnson.

Ms Burley said: “Normally I’ve got seven or eight questions and I don’t get through them all…. I’ve done sixteen or seventeen! 

“That’s because you’re not really giving me very much this morning Ms Truss!”

The Foreign Secretary hit back: “We you’re asking me questions about a report which hasn’t been published and an investigation which hasn’t been concluded!”

But the Sky News veteran hammered how the public do have some facts, highlighting reports from civil servants and interior designer Lulu Lytle admitting they “were actually at the events”.

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She added: “And we have seen photographs of thee Prime Minister relaxing in the garden, and we have also seen evidence of the Prime Minister saying he wasn’t at events that he quite clearly was at because other photos have been given to Sue Gray.

“The public is tired and fed up with it!”

But Ms Truss attempted to diverted attention away from partygate and appeared to urge Britons to focus on Ukriane instead of the two investigations in relations to Downing Street. 

She said: “You have had lots of colleagues on your show asking about these events and there are very serious incidents happening across the world. This threat could have huge cosequences not just for Europe for global security which is why we are going so much to get Russia to resits!”

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Mr Burley then jokingly asked if a “third female Prime Minister” would be able to guide the UK through such times with Ukraine, Ms Truss said she had “absolute confidence in the Prime Minister”.

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