‘Who are you?’ Jeremy Corbyn torn apart over video spouting ‘meaningless waffle’ on Covid

Jeremy Corbyn discusses universal healthcare

Jeremy Corbyn hit out at the Government for “grudgingly” increasing funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) during the coronavirus pandemic. But the former Labour leader’s comments backfired when furious Twitter users insisted the health of Britons should be put first. In a video posted on his Twitter, Mr Corbyn said: “This crisis has shown why we need universal healthcare.

“It’s shown the problems of underfunding the health service and it’s shown the problems of the privatisation of care.

“But it’s also shown on a global scale that the World Health Organisation demand on the universal healthcare for all across the globe is not just important for the people that need health care and don’t get it.

“It’s also important for the health of the rest of us.

“I think the approach of Trump in withdrawing from WHO is totally wrong.

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“Our Government grudgingly gave some increase in funding to the WHO but I think we have to work alongside the WHO and global response to this.

“Global pandemics have frightened an awful lot of people, they’ve taken an awful lot of lives and they’ve exposed injustices and inequalities in our society.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to the video.

One wrote: “Who are you?”

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Another added: “Today’s meaningless waffle.”

A third person said: “The UK isn’t responsible for ‘universal health care around the world’.

“Getting it right here at home is enough to be getting on with.”

Someone else said: “All the Left do is spend other people’s money – it’s their only strategy…”

It comes as his brother, Piers Corbyn, has been found guilty of breaking coronavirus laws during an anti-lockdown protest at London’s Hyde Park.

District Judge Sam Goozee found the charge proven that he breached coronavirus rules during a gathering at Speakers’ Corner on May 16.


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Returning his decision, the judge said: “Without the regulations in place, your conduct would have been lawful.

“But the enforcement of regulations was necessary for public health.

“Police took a measured response. You, however, didn’t engage with police – police action in arresting you was necessary and proportionate.”

Corbyn was handed an absolute discharge – meaning he will not be fined or face any further punishment – after the judge heard he had spent 12 hours in custody after being arrested.

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