WTO now! Boris urged to cut EU cord: Macron can rant all he likes about fishing then

Brexit: Frost says 'we drifted away from those who elected us'

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French President Emmanuel Macron addressed an EU assembly in Brussels on Thursday, highlighting the need for more integration, indirectly referencing the idea of a European army. The French President also found time to take a swipe at the UK. With concerns mounting over the prospect of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mr Macron called for a “new security and stability order for Europe”.

He also urged the European Union to be “tough” to ensure the UK sticks to Brexit agreements on Northern Ireland and fishing rights.

Express.co.uk readers commented with fury on Mr Macron’s statement.

One reader, called Lilac Rose, stated: “The only way we can shut him up, get him back in his box is to go on WTO.

“Get rid of any ties to the EU.

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“Then he can rant as much as he wants on fishing rights, he’ll have none, bang on about the EU army they won’t be in NATO, so not our problem and god help the EU with him at the helm.

“Biggest joke going.”

Another reader, called Palla, stated: “EU is a project destined to fail.

“Now Mutti has left, this pompous theatrical character is nothing but hot air.

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“I will see the devastation of such a corrupted brutal organisation when it winds up.”

Another reader, calling themselves Ben Gazi, said: “Macron is a bad joke and the EU are well and truly lumbered.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib spoke to Express.co.uk about Mr Macron’s speech.

He said: “President Macron, a long-time believer in an EU federal army, clearly did not consult his German counterpart before speaking in the European Parliament on 19 January.

“He used the opportunity to talk about the need for Europe to define its own security needs – so far nothing new from him there – but then went on to suggest Europe stand up to Russia.

“Well, in that event, the other protagonist in his EU project, Germany, would likely face an immediate fuel crisis.

“Perhaps Mr Macron momentarily forgot that Germany has banned nuclear fuel and is very largely reliant on Russian gas?”

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