You cant have it both ways Kay! Dominic Raab erupts over Sky News partygate probe

Boris Johnson's Conservative support discussed by Raab

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Government Minister Dominic Raab has erupted during a grilling over ‘partygate’ on Sky News by host Kay Burley. The Sky News presenter pressed Mr Raab on why Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not able to provide MPs with a clear account of his whereabouts during the alledged parties in Downing Street. Mr Raab argued back that the Prime Minister was being careful not to pre-empt in the Met Police’s investigation. 

“It is just fixed penalty notices,” argued Ms Burley.

“There’s still the law,” fired back the Deputy Prime Minister.

“Look, you can’t have it both ways Kay.

“You can’t say, on the one hand, the sanctions are not very high and on the other hand, it’s a very serious issue!” 


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