You told Keir to move on Nandy squirms over probe on Labour obsession with Partygate

Lisa Nandy grilled on wanting to 'move on' from Partygate

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Ms Nandy was grilled by journalist Naga Munchetty who claimed she had an “obsession with Partygate” and should be focusing on other more pressing issues like the cost of living crisis. The Labour politician defended her position by claiming that the Conservative government needed to step in to resolve the crisis. Ms Nandy claimed that the Prime Minister’s behaviour mattered because the British public needed to have trust in him, and Partygate was making it harder.

Ms Munchetty said: “Is it time to move on? It was reported that at a Shadow Cabinet meeting you urged Sir Keir Starmer to move on and to leave the obsession with Partygate, so-called Partygate, and to actually focus on the cost of living.”

Ms Nandy told BBC Breakfast: “Yeah, this is not true. Keir Starmer and I are both very much of the view, as are the entire senior Labour leadership team that the cost of living crisis is the crisis facing the country.

“But the problem is that the cost of living crisis is a crisis that, only the Government can step in to try and help us resolve.

“And for months now we’ve had dither and delay, the reason why Partygate matters the reason why the Prime Minister’s behaviour matters is if you cannot trust him on this, 

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Ms Nandy added: “If you cannot trust a word that he says, and that is abundantly clear from yesterday.

“How can you trust him when he says that he’s going to step in and help people, with what is now a crisis for most businesses and families.

“How can you trust him when he says that he’s going to stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“Trust is the glue that holds our political system together, and when that trust is gone, the whole system collapses and that is why what is happening at the moment with Partygate is so devastating for most people in this country.”

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Sir Keir Starmer has repeatedly slammed Mr Johnson for his rule-breaking behaviour, despite now having had his own investigation launched by Durham police into whether he broke the law himself during the lockdown of April 2021.

Mr Starmer has been seen on video footage drinking a beer inside with colleagues when the law did not permit him to do so.

He commented on the Sue Gray report on Twitter: “You can’t be a lawmaker and a lawbreaker. It’s time for Tory MPs to tell Boris Johnson that this has gone on too long. Only then will dignity be restored in Downing Street.”

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Many Conservative MPs have been talking about Beergate, and pushing for Mr Starmer to receive equal treatment to Boris for possible rule breaking.

Mr Starmer claimed that if found guilty, he would resign as leader of the Labour party.

Conservative Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith said: “This raises new questions and I am sure the public would like to know whether Durham Police have liaised with Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner over the Beergate investigation and of any involvement she may or may not have had.

“The public will expect this to be revealed once they have concluded their enquiries, as part of an open and transparent process.”

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