‘You’ve done nothing’ BBC QT audience member launches furious tirade

A BBC Question Time audience member launched a furious rant at a Conservative MP, accusing the Government of “woeful” policies. She said she was “staggered” by the Government’s migration policy, general budget cuts and what she claimed was a failure to promote green energy.

Launching into a furious tirade at Conservative MP Dr Andrew Murrison, the audience member said: “I am staggered to be honest, the gap between the audience and the panel and the notion that you think that you’re succeeding on green energy or that people support human beings washing up on our shores or being deported to Rwanda. I’m absolutely staggered.

“The way that we talk about serious youth violence is not to talk about crime. It’s to talk about the trauma that they’ve actually experienced in the last two years.

“You have cut funding, you’ve cut budgets in schools. We can’t recruit teachers. We can’t recruit teaching assistants. You’ve cut social workers, you have cut local services to the bone and then you’re worried about antisocial behaviour. There are no youth services.”

She added: “There is such a massive gap between what you’re saying and people’s experiences, like how people buy a house, look at their wages. They’re a teacher, and they have been through university paying 30 grand if not more, to go to university.

“If you want to control rent, use rent control, if you want to have houses build more houses because you can find the money to build HS2 and drill through forests.

“This is what I’m talking about. These are ideological choices. You’ve done nothing for green energy in 13 years.

“You’re talking about young people and supporting them – but what has been put in place for young people? A tutoring programme. It is woeful.”

In response, Dr Murrison said: “The original question was about knife crime. In the time you give me, I’ll try to address the questions.

“In terms of knife crime and anti-social behaviour – because they’re part of the same spectrum, it’s all crime. But serious crime has come down quite a lot. 50 percent since 2010, except for fraud”.

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