21 people have tested positive for coronavirus on Grand Princess cruise ship: Pence

Twenty-one people aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship have tested positive for the new coronavirus, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Friday.

Pence said at a White House news conference that 46 people were tested for COVID-19. Two passengers and 19 crew members tested positive.

One test proved inconclusive, while the other 24 tested negative, he said.

The ship is currently anchored off the coast of San Francisco, where it has been since Wednesday night. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has said officials will not allow the ship to dock in port until all passengers are tested or assessed.

Pence said a plan has been developed to bring the ship into a non-commercial port over the weekend. All passengers are crew members on board will be tested for the coronavirus.

“We are taking all measures necessary to see to the health of the Americans and those involved on the Grand Princess, and just as importantly to protect the health of the American public and oprevent the spread of the disease through communities in this country,” the vice president said.

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