3 benefits you can enjoy on the Queen’s Jubilee – including pubs open longer

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On April 26, 2022, the Queen celebrated her 96th birthday, but celebrations are only just beginning for Her Majesty, as 2022 is one of the biggest years for the Royal Family in a decade.

Between June 2 and June 5, the country, commonwealth and the world will come together to mark the Queen’s 70 years as the ruling monarch.

Titled the Platinum Jubilee, it will also be a time the British public can unwind and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation.

There are plenty of reasons to mark the Platinum Jubilee down on your calendar and here are some of the most exciting things Brits can look forward to, and bonuses they will get.

Four-day bank holiday

Everybody likes a bank holiday and in 2022 there will be an extra one. This one will be four days long.

Many Brits will have Thursday, June 2 and Friday June 3 off work. The long weekend will be used to mark multiple celebrations, all of which are open to the public and available to anyone to get involved with or arrange your own.

Massive Palace party event

Thousands of parties will be taking place across the country during the bank holiday weekend, but one is bigger than the rest.

It already has an in-person audience of 10,000, but don't worry, if you aren't one of the lucky attendees you can join the millions tuning in on the BBC.

Located at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, June 4, it will boast 3D projections and three stages for performers.

Some of these include George Ezra and DJ Clara Amfo, along with presenter Roman kemp.

Further details on the party can be found on the official Platinum jubilee website.

Pubs open for longer

This is one that will make many people happy. Pubs will stay open for an extra two hours from Thursday, June 2 to Saturday, June 4.

Licensing hours will no longer end at 11pm, but last until 1am instead.

An official spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "We know how hard hit our hospitality industry was during the pandemic and it's great that we not only get to support Her Majesty but our hard-hit hospitality industry."

Other ways to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee

It wouldn’t be a British celebration without street parties up and down the country. Thousands are already being planned and if you want to get your road involved then there is a simple way to do so.

Head over to the Platinum Jubilee website and list where your party is going to be held.

Over 1000 events have already been listed and you will need to put in the details of your party's location once you've clicked on the link. Simply click on the "Submit your details" link in the street parties sections.

Theses details will include your organisation's name, logo, your email, location and a description of the planned event.

The full details on requirements can be found on the government website, but no licence is needed for setting an event up.

As long as your local council have been given prior warning of an event and it is simply contained to local residents of the street and surrounding area, there is no reason not to set one up.

It doesn’t just stop there either, as there will be countless beacon events around the UK too. Theses are broken up into different types, be it bonfires, lanterns or torches.

A full guide on how to take part can be found on the Platinum Jubilee website's beacons section but the application process is easy to follow.

Follow the "Join in" icon and download the registration form at the "Register Beacon Events" page. Simply state the location it will be held on June 2, the type of events and estimated volume of people.

It will then need to be approved, so organising it sooner rather than later is advised.

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