Abandoned cinema left crumbling down as black mould grows through the floor

An urban explorer was shocked when she entered a crumbling cinema to discover the lights still worked after decades of being abandoned.

The woman behind the Venturing Off Limits Facebook page visited her first derelict cinema when she entered The Cannon in Liverpool, which was closed down in 1998.

The building, which was designed by William R. Glen and Alfred Ernest for ABC Cinemas, was originally built in 1931.

The construction cost around £200,000 and it had the capacity for 1,835 movie lovers in its three screen-rooms.

It was initially named 'The Forum' but changed to 'The Cannon' in 1986 before it closed its doors.

The building was used as a temporary exhibition space in 2016 but has since fallen into a state of disrepair.

The seats are covered in dust that has become so thick any urban explorer who visits can write their name in it.

Debris has been falling down from the ceiling as huge dots of dark black mould can be seen growing all over the floors of the bathroom

Describing her exploration, Venturing Off Limits wrote: "First cinema/theatre that I've done and it was a brilliant explore, loved it. We did not expect to find lights on in there.

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"Shame to see such a beautiful venue left decaying, there's a lot of water getting into the building, especially around the stage area and it probably won't be long before it's passed the state of repair.

"Although, it would already be a very considerable amount of work required to fix this building."

Facebook fans flocked to the comment section to share their fascination with the site as they hope something can be done to save it.

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One user wrote: "I hope they save the building with the features that can be saved, amazing pictures – thank you!"

Another added: "Wow another set of excellent pic's, such a shame these beautiful buildings end up like this.

"We had a cinema where I live called the empire built in 1909, it was torched twice forcing the council to demolish it in 2012, thanks for sharing these."

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A third quipped: "I love how In all these pictures of abandoned places there is always one lonely shoe. It just makes me wonder what happened to the other one lol."

A fourth commented: "Really should be preserved. Part of the history of cinema."

The building was reportedly acquired by developers in 2016 to become an '£11 million' music venue – but no work has begun on the property yet.

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