Abandoned farmhouse is eerie time capsule of 1950s but its about to collapse

Urban explorers have unearthed a 1950s French farmhouse that seems untouched by time but will soon be destroyed by its own roof.

The explorers behind the Abandoned-World : Les traces d'un autre monde (Traces of Another World) Facebook page have dubbed the rustic property a time capsule, as it still contains the belonging of the previous owner in the place they were left when the home was abandoned.

A set of heatless hair curlers have been left in an open box on the dressing table, an empty wine bottle and bowls have remained on the kitchen bench.

Meanwhile, there is a soup tureen left on the dining table and a record player looks as though it's been collecting dust for decades.

With no sign of a struggle and the exact location of the house in France being undetermined, it is hard to say why the house has lain empty for so long.

But it is feared that the property won't be as unscathed by time for much longer, as the ceiling has endured such bad water damage that it has already started to collapse in on itself.

The explorer who visited the property on January 15 said: "Today we went to visit this pretty well preserved old farmhouse.

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"A real time-capsule that unfortunately won't last long given the important water infiltration. Everything is soaked and rotten.

"The floor is on the edge of collapsing and the attic is a huge puddle of water.

"Downstairs, everything has remained frozen in this incredible place! The farm also included a small shop left behind."

Fans of the page were left distraught over the impending loss of a beautiful home containing some expensive antiques.

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One user said: "I wonder what happened to the family? Such beautiful furniture! It's like they just vanished!"

Another added: "This is such a wonderful place. So much beautiful furniture and lovely things!

"It's such a shame the house is falling apart. It breaks my heart to see this happen!"

A third wrote: "It must be hard for explorers of old houses like this not to just take things that are being left to be destroyed by time."

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A fourth replied: "I wonder what year this house was built? I would be afraid to walk through the house, it looks like the ceiling is ready to collapse.

"Whoever owns it should take out all the old furniture and antiques in the house.

"I still have brush rollers, so whoever lived there hasn’t been that long ago. Thanks for sharing pictures."

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