Adorable dogs left red faced as they can’t help snacking on owner’s fruit

These adorable pooches might not have been the best choice for dogs to guard delicious fruit.

The owners of Keira, Kelly, Raphael and Moco were left red faced – as were the pups – when they realised what had happened in an orchard in Taiwan.

The four legged friends were left alone to “guard” dragon fruits as their owners went off to harvest the goods.

But temptation got the better of the pack to judge by the hilarious pictures.

Crowding around a box of bright pink fruit, the four doggos gave their owners a slight giveaway they had been sampling the merchandise.

Their faces were bright pink with tell-tale evidence they had been snacking on the job.

In a post shared online, the dogs' owners joked the pack said: “We’re good boys. We did our best to guard the dragon fruits. We didn’t eat any of it!”

But the coloured fur and happy faces suggest the canines got their fix of tasty fruit behind their owners' backs.

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The dogs, who live in Taiwan, have more than 4,000 fans on Facebook and it's not hard to see why.

The Border Collie and Australian Shepherds were snapped as they lived their best life at an orchard – but potential fruit-thieves wouldn't be too worried about the cute pooches.

Sweet pictures shared on Facebook went down a storm with the family of dogs adoring fans.

One person said: “You gotta remember to wipe your mouth!”

And another joked: “Hurry up and wash it”.

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