Adorable footage shows moment silverback gorilla gently pets groundhog in Zoo

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Incredible footage has emerged showing the tender moment an unlikely friendship was formed between a silverback gorilla and a groundhog.

The huge ape, named ‘Kongo’, was captured on video gently patting a tiny groundhog during feeding time at Detroit Zoo, US.

The primate is seen carefully lowering his hand to touch his little furry friend but swiftly moving his hand away when he realised he had caught the tiny animal's attention.

But he soon returned to show more affection with gentle strokes on the top of the groundhog’s head before slowly turning his back.

The video uploaded to the zoo's Facebook page captured the attention of adoring animal lovers, garnering more than 113,000 views and hundreds of comments.

One person commented: “Aww that's so beautiful and I love our zoo, especially the silverback gorilla. He really is so peaceful and gentle and has an amazing personality. I got a great shot of him a few weekends ago!

Another added: “It’s so funny because that little groundhog would run down into its den if a human tried that!!”

A third person wrote: “We saw them playing chase at the Walk for Wishes!”

A fourth said: “Life lesson: sometimes you just need to stop and pet the groundhog.”

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The news comes after a labrador who became unlikely friends with a seal mourned his friend after he was killed by a whale.

Lennon Stella shared a heartbreaking compilation footage of her pooch Slimmy's play dates with the animal, where the duo seemed excited to see each other and played together.

The clips showed them playing under the beach house, greeting each other from the window and playing together in the sand in Malibu, California.

But the final video showed the body of the sea lion, lying lifeless among the waves as her dog looked on, whimpering about the loss of his beach buddy.

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