Adult star deported over racy content opens maid cafe offering hugs and dances

A controversial OnlyFans star who claims she was deported from South Korea for showing her boobs in public is branching out into the restaurant business.

Hong Kong based streamer Kiaraakitty, known as Kiki on social media and has also been banned from Twitch several time, is teaming up with another performer, Singapore’s Yujia, to provide fans with serving food, drinks, and what they call "special services" at a pop up maid café.

The menu is a pretty thin affair, offering only a ham and cheese omelette or spaghetti in tomato sauce, so the “special services” appear to be the Kitty Paradise Café’s main draw.

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The menu lists an "Ayaya" which costs Singapore dollars (just under £3) but it doesn’t go into any detail about what an Ayaya might be.

If you have more spending power, you can buy a dance for S$20 and a photo for S$30.

A dance will set you back the equivalent of £12, while a photo with one of the hosts retails at £18.

You can also “Get Roasted,” whatever that means, at a very affordable £12.

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While the food options are limited, they are at least creatively-presented. Both of them are arranged to look like cartoon cat faces. Not exactly MasterChef material, but guaranteed to delight any five-year-olds you have with you.

Not that the Kitty Paradise Café is really aimed at the younger diner – early versions of the menu listed a “hug” at a comparatively pricey £59, which seems aimed at customers with deeper pockets.

Kiaraakitty has sold less appetising fare in the past. She notoriously sold her own farts, by the jar-full, on a section of her website called “Scents and Stuff”.

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She gave up on that idea, though, after a customer by the name of Sneaky Sushii bought the last jar – leaving an embarrassed Kiki “out of stock”.

Perhaps the publicity-hungry streamer’s biggest claim to fame so far, though, is being kicked out of South Korea “because of her boobs”.

After she was spotted on the streets of Seoul wearing little more than underwear and a fur coat, she says, "The Korean police called me to go down to the station for questioning based on a false report made."

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"That was a terrifying experience," she added, "yet at the same time I’m grateful for such efficient police to be around which kept us all safe."

In a follow up tweet, she explained that someone had told the police because she was "fully naked".

She later added: "Time to leave Korea. The first country to kick me out because of boobs".

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