Adult star who broke back in foam pit shares poo punishment life on Amish farm

A porn star who broke her back in a soft play foam pit has given fans an insight into the hardships of life growing up on an Amish farm.

Adriana Chechik appeared on the Holly Randall Unfiltered Podcast to chat about her life when they got into her childhood.

During the conversation, they covered how Adriana had grown up in an Amish community, a group of traditionalist church groups across the US.

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In that part of the chat, they spoke about what punishment was like in this setting, to which Adriana explained it basically just involved shovelling a lot of poo.

“I will say that being punished on an Amish farm is really funny, because it’s just like doing, a lot, of leg work.

“Picking up poop. Horse poop, cow poop. Like, just shovelling poop, that’s their punishment – they’re like alright you’ve got to go and clean the stall, you know?”

Holly then explained that she too had spent a fair part of her childhood mastering the poop scoop because she had been into riding horses.

She said: “That’s funny, you know I used to ride horses, I’ve shovelled so much s***, it’s not bad.”

At this point, Adriana interjected: “That’s your pet though right?”

Holly continued: “Cow s*** is different – horse has a sweet smell, like when I smell it now it remains me of my childhood.”

Adriana shattered a number of vertebrae jumping into a shallow foam pit at a Twitch Convention.

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