Airline boss sacked after plane traces penis in the sky with 102 passengers

An airline boss has been sacked after a pilot working for Russia's biggest low-cost airline took 102 passengers on a penis-shaped detour mid-flight.

Denis Petrikov was accused of violating safety measures after he changed the route of a Moscow-Yekaterinburg flight on November 11.

The plane was seen making irregular manoeuvres in the sky with a Probeda aircraft that had 102 passengers on board.

In order to create the phallic symbol, he is alleged to have made additional loops in the sky at unsafe angles.

Mr Perikov's actions attracted the attention of the Russian federal airline authority, Rosaviatsiya, which is investigating the pilot's actions.

Rosaviatsiya has blamed Pobeda's management for the incident, with the company's General Director, Andrey Kalmykov, receiving a severe reprimand, according to RBC.

The stunt was believed to have been in support of a football team captain, Artem Dzyuba, who had his phone hacked.

A video of Dzyuba performing a sex act on a man was then released from the device and he was immediately dropped by national team coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Dzyuba did appear during a Premier League clash with Krasnodar but was stripped of his captain's armband.

A spokesperson for the airline said: "We do not know what exactly could have been imagined in the flight path of our aircraft, but it is possible that the captains of Pobeda expressed their support to the captain of the national team, Artem Dzyuba, and showed their attitude to his persecution."

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Rosaviatsiya claimed the pilot initially said the flight path was unprecedented due to a suspected malfunction on the plane.

Police were told they had to take that path in order to drain fuel, despite the plane not having a fuel draining system.

No evidence was found that the aircraft was faulty and Probeda attempted to have a similar flight path approved for Moscow to Saint Petersburg on November 10, according to The Moscow Times.

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