Alec Baldwins Rust set weapons supervisor likely hungover, claims prosecutor

Alec Baldwin: Charges dropped against star over Rust shooting

The weapons supervisor on the film set where Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins has been accused of being hungover when she handed the A-lister a revolver with a live bullet in the chamber. Prosecutors made the allegations on Friday, claiming that Hannah Gutierrez-Reed had a history of reckless conduct and said that it would be in the public interest for her to “finally be held accountable” for her behaviour.

They also accused Ms Gutierrez-Reed of smoking cannabis in the evenings during the filming of the movie.

Gutierrez-Reed is the daughter of veteran film set armourer Thell Reed.

The law in New Mexico prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from using cannabis, however the now 25-year-old was above the age limit when the fatal incident occurred.

The allegations came in response to a motion filed in May by Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyers seeking to dismiss her involuntary manslaughter charge.

The fatal incident happened during a rehearsal on the set of Rust in New Mexico, when the gun Baldwin was wielding went off, killing Ms Hutchins and injuring film director Joel Souza.

The prosecution has mishandled the case, Jason Bowles, Ms Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyer claimed.

He told the Associated Press: “The case is so weak that they now have chosen to resort to character assassination claims about Hannah.

“The prosecution has abandoned the idea of doing justice and getting to the actual truth apparently.”

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Ms Gutierrez-Reed is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing in August and a judge is expected to decide whether there’s probable cause for the charge to move forward.

According to the Sun, the young armorer was described as being “inexperienced and green” by a Rust production source.

The prosecutors also noted that they were expecting to decide within the next 60 days whether to recharge 65-year-old Baldwin depending on the results of an analysis of the gun and its damaged sear.

The state’s independent expert is testing the weapon.

The fatal incident took place in October 2021 and it took until April 2023 for Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter charge to be dismissed.

Prosecutors said they had new evidence and required time to investigate.

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