All places you still have to wear a mask in England – from Tesco to Primark

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So-called Freedom Day is finally here, meaning today the majority of lockdown restrictions have eased.

England has moved to Steph Four in the government's roadmap out of lockdown, but while most restrictions have been eased, some guidance on face masks remain.

Cases of coronavirus remain high and are rising, which is why everyone is urged to "act carefully and remain cautious".

The requirement to wear face coverings has been lifted, meaning you will no longer be required by law to wear them.

However, the government said it "expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport".

Some industries are still encouraging people to wear face masks, despite it no longer being required by law. Here are all the places you are encouraged to wear a mask after Freedom Day.

Public transport

Some public transport operators and mayors have said people will be required to wear face masks on their services.

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham joined counterparts in Liverpool, Sheffield, West of England, West Yorkshire and North of Tyne to announce their plans to use their "limited powers" to ensure mask rules remain in force.

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), which represents 95% of buses and coaches, has said: "We expect that many people, especially in busy places, will follow the prime minister's call to continue to wear a face covering as a courtesy to others."

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Transport for London has made wearing a face covering a condition for travel on its services, like the London Undergound and buses.

In Greater Manchester, mayor Andy Burnham has made face coverings a requirement on trams.

Train operator Greater Anglia has requested for passengers to wear face coverings during busy times.


Airlines such as British Airways, easyJet, Virgin Atlantic, TUI and Ryanair will also continue to require passengers to wear face coverings from July 19.

Face masks will likely still be required at airports, at the gate when boarding aircrafts and throughout your flight.

Remember to check the latest rules with the airline you're travelling with before flying, as well as your departure airport.


Some supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose and Co-Op has said they will encourage customers to keep using face masks.

However, they will not bar those who don't comply with the requirement.


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Individual retailers are deciding whether they want to enforce face mask rules.

For example, Waterstones is encouraging customers to wear face masks.

Primark has said it "hopes" customers will continue to wear face coverings, even though there is no longer a legal requirement.

Other retailers that will continue to encourage customers to wear masks are B&Q, Wilko, Boots, IKEA and more. The safest thing is to bring a face covering with you while shopping so you can pop it on if in a crowded space.

Bars, pubs and restaurants

Face coverings are no longer a requirement in pubs, bars and restaurants, but individual businesses will decide if they want to ask customers to wear them.

For example, pub chain Greene King has said staff and customers can choose whether to wear one or not.

Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin has said the pub chain will continue to use Covid-safe measures such as screens, and will make face masks available to staff and customers if they want to wear them.

Wales and Scotland

Although most restrictions have eased in England, they remain in place for Wales and Scotland.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the requirement to wear face masks will remain in place following August 9, when the last restrictions there are set to be eased.

Meanwhile, Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford has said face masks will have to be worn beyond August 7.

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