All the accepted reasons you can leave your house in every Tier

Although national lockdown ended on December 2, Boris’ tier system is not far from a complete shutdown across swathes of England.

The Prime Minister looks likely to push even more areas into Tier Four as soon as Boxing Day in a desperate bid to beat a mutated strain of Coronavirus.

Understood to be 70% more transmittable, the new variant is causing chaos in England.

With the rules changing so often and the guidance being updated to keep up with the disease, some Brits might be confused.

As reported by The Mirror, there is a simple breakdown of when you’re allowed to leave the house.

Tier One

In Tier One areas, otherwise known as "medium" Covid-19 alert, you’re more or less able to leave the house when you like.

There are some rules to follow, such as the rule of six, but you can meet with more than five people from outside your household whether that is indoors or out.

The other rules include:

  • Pubs, bars and restaurants must only be operating in table service and must take last orders by 10pm, and close by 11pm.
  • But Brits can still go to the gym, outdoor exercise classes.
  • Places of worship are open if you follow the rule of six.
  • They can visit loved ones who are in care homes if they follow social distancing rules and wear PPE.
  • In Tier One larger scale events can take place, providing there are capacity limits.
  • Funerals and weddings are allowed with strict limits on attendance.
  • Registered childcare, supervised activities for young people and professional home providers such as nannies can all go on. Parents can still be part of childcare and support bubbles.

  • Visit – in groups no bigger than six – pubs and restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues, personal care/close contact services, public buildings, such as libraries, community centres and halls.

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Tier Two

In Tier Two things are a little stricter. The Government has banned indoor mixing in these areas other than with a support bubble.

The other rules in place in Tier Two are:

  • You can only meet outside in groups of six people.
  • Households can still go to gyms but indoor classes are banned.
  • You can still go on a care home visit, but only if you meet outside until testing is rolled out.
  • Pubs and leisure entertainment venues are open in Tier Two.
  • And events can go on under strict capacity limits.
  • Churches and places of worship are open but there is no interacting with anyone outside your bubble.
  • Libraries and other "personal care" facilities are open in Tier Two.
  • Funerals and weddings with strict limits on attendance.

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In Tier Three

You must not mix with anybody from outside your household indoors or in most outside areas in Tier Three, except your support bubble.

The reasons for leaving are:

  • In public outdoor places – such as parks – you can meet up to six people.
  • Brits have been ordered to avoid travelling outside your area unless it is for essential reasons like work.
  • Gyms are open but no classes are allowed.
  • Churches and places of worship are also open but interaction is banned.
  • Weddings and funerals are allowed with strict attendance limits.
  • Drive-in events are allowed to take place.
  • Like the first Two Tiers, you’re allowed to move home.

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Tier Four

In the strictest tier, Tier Four, you must stay at home. Unless you’re travelling for essential reasons like work, there is a stay indoors order.

Leaving Tier Four has been discouraged by officials wanting to contain the spread of the bug.

The only permissible reasons for leaving are:

  • If you're a volunteer and can't carry out activities from home.
  • To buy food and access services.
  • Education.
  • Medical reasons.
  • To exercise outside with people from your household, or to meet one other person in an outside public space.
  • Schools and universities are open during term time.
  • Funerals and weddings are with very strict limits.
  • You can only stay overnight away from home on only "limited exceptions".
  • To go to your place of worship but you can't interact with anyone you don't live with or who is outside your bubble.
  • Fulfil legal obligations.

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