Amazon Prime driver accused of letting themselves into home to drop parcel off

A woman has been left fuming after an Amazon delivery driver allegedly waltzed into her home uninvited to drop the parcel off.

Kathakoli Dasgupta moved to the UK from India eight years ago, she now resides in the small village of Freckleton, Lancashire.

She claims that the Amazon workers typically leave the parcel by the entrance and ring the doorbell – leaving before you make it to the door.

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But during one recent drop off the driver took it one step further by letting themselves into the home and leaving the parcel inside before ringing the doorbell and disappearing.

Kathakoli vented her frustrations on Facebook, stating it was the “last thing you’d expect”, and discovered several others in her village had had similar experiences.

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Amazon has since launched an investigation into the incident.

Speaking to LancsLive, Kathakoli said: "I moved from India seven or eight years ago and I've had to do some cultural adaptation.

"In India, there's no real sense of space, but I can't remember a time anyone ever opened my door there."

Kathakoli adds that previously Amazon has had "fantastic service" and believes the action may have been a result of tight deadlines.

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She continued: "When they ring your doorbell, they often don't wait for you to get there before leaving. But I guess it's eating into the handling time. I'm often almost running to the door once when the doorbell goes off.

“By the time I reached the door, the driver was already in the van, so I couldn't say what did you do? I would have said something."

One other resident told the publication they have heard delivery drivers try their front door, but fortunately, it was always locked.

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They assume that the drivers try this method, as their home looks occupied with a lamp on in the front room, but does not believe there is any ill intention.

An Amazon spokesperson said: "We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers. We’re looking into this matter."

It is understood delivery drivers are self-employed contractors, engaged by third-party courier companies on behalf of Amazon.


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