Andrew Neil mocks North Korea after Kim’s state lashes out at Australia – ‘Beyond parody!’

UN: North Korea representative discusses Australia human rights

During a United Nations assembly event on January 20, North Korea’s representative, Kim Song, issued his concern over the state’s human rights record. With North Korea widely accused of multiple human rights violations, the former BBC man mocked the sheer “parody” of North Korea’s statement. In a statement during the assembly, Kim Song said: “We have continued concerns over the human rights violations in Australia.

“We reference the international human rights law and recommend that Australia follows it.

“First, Australia must end deep-rooted racism and treatment to ethnic minorities.

“Secondly, to cease inhumane treatment in detention centres.

“Third, to ensure the right for all to participate in elections.”

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Although little is known of the domestic struggles of the hermit state, several organisations have accused the state of using forced labour camps for unruly citizens.

Amid the devastating coronavirus pandemic, the North Korean Workers’ Party is understood to have sent those who break quarantine rules, to camps and designated them as “special criminals”.

By doing so, they can send citizens to forced labour camps where they put them through horrendous conditions resulting in death.

Such are the conditions, sources told North Korean news that some prisoners had died due to the harsh treatment.

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A source said: “Having opened a new prison, the authorities make an example of newly arrived prisoners by making them run in teams of seven after finishing work in the mine.

“The excuse is to make them reflect on their crimes before the Fatherland.

“If you pass out while running, they make you run 10 times the amount of time you were on the ground.

“In early December, six of 53 new prisoners died a day after entering the camp from cruel treatment.”


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Christian charity, Open Doors has accused the state of instituting a campaign against those who practice the faith in the state.

In the hermit state, the charity has said the government sends Christians to death camps if they are discovered.

Due to Kim being regarded as God, no one can practise any other religion in the country, and instead must vow complete faith to the Supreme Leader.

Speaking to, Asia communications director for Christian charity Open Doors, Jan Vermeer, revealed the horrific treatment of Christians in North Korea.

Mr Vermeer said: “If you’re a Christian leader in the country, or if it shows that you have very strong faith, that means that you will be sent to a political labour camp.

“That means there’s no re-education, there’s also no release.

“If you are lucky, you will be sent to a re-education camp.

“Again, after five to 10 years, sometimes 20 years of good behaviour in re-education camp, you will be educated, and then they will release you but of course, there are gruesome circumstances in the camps.”

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