Andrew Tate branded cam girls with tattoos reading owned by Tate

Andrew Tate allegedly branded women working for him with tattoos saying “owned by Tate”.

Women were allegedly seen with the vile ink on webcams, a new report has claimed, and was found on both Romanian workers and a 22-year-old American who has accused Tate of rape.

Andrew Tate has been jailed by Romanian authorities, who claim he was running a violent sex trafficking gang, the Times reports.

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Allegations of rape were first levied against Tate by the woman in April, the publication reports, leading to an initial raid that month.

The news comes after it emerged that Tate was given the boot by Big Brother in 2016 because he was being investigated for rape.

In the past, Tate has made comments regarding women as objects of male possession and the alleged tattoos mark a terrifying echo of this claim.

Speaking to Barstool Sports, Tate said: “It’s not about being property, it’s about she belongs to him, and the intimate parts of her body belong to him because they’re in a relationship”.

“And if she wants to sell those, he has a stake in those parts of her body”.

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Asked whether the same would apply to male porn stars he said it wouldn’t, “because I think the women belong to the man.”

In an image of model Liv Magre reposted online by Tate, her rear appears to have been marked with his name.

Pictures that have come out since appear to show that it was not permanent.

Claims of the tattooing have been played down by an associate of Tate’s, Sebastian Vieru, who felt there was little difference between the alleged inkings and ones where partners get each other’s names tattooed on themselves.

In response to allegations that Tate had forced women into sex, Vieru told the Times: “When you have 100 girls of your own you do not have to force any woman to do anything”.

Despite this, Romanian police have arrested Tate of sex trafficking, along with his brother and two “Tate’s angels”.

Prosecutors say the group “appear to have created an organized crime group with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content” through which they “gained important sums of money.”

Tate’s lawyer said they “deny the allegations, and they want to cooperate with the prosecutors and to declare their innocence.

“They deny any exploitation of women.”

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