Angry OAP shoves pensioner to car bonnet and threatens to punch in road rage

Two pensioners were spotted having a brawl at a car park outside a Morrisons superstore.

Video taken by Lewis Goldsmith, a fellow shopper at the Waterglade Retail Park store in Clacton, Essex, shows the two OAPs arguing when one of them refuses to give way to another at a T-junction.

The KIA SUV driver blocks a black Ford Focus from exiting and the two cars are just inches close from having a collision, reported Essex Live.

The senior, who wears a light beige jack and trousers, steps out of his SUV and talks to the white-haired motorist in maroon-coloured jacket.

The exchange somehow turns violent and the KIA driver pushes the man onto his car bonnet and appearing to throw a punch at him.

Lewis quickly gets out of his car and runs to intervene the pair while a woman steps in at the same time, trying to separate the two.

"Pull it back, you back it up!" the Ford driver yells with a raspy voice.

Lewis interrupts and breaks up the pair, saying: "Come on, two of you. Stop it, you have enough of that. You're off age, come on."

The woman tells her husband to "get in" the car and tries to push him back to the SUV while he keeps firing swear words to the Ford driver.

Luckily Lewis manages to stop the fight before anyone gets injured.

He later shared the video on Facebook and wrote: "Today in Clacton I only popped to Morrison’s for milk, and found myself in the kind of situation I only see on road wars."

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Many viewers praised for Lewis' action and added that the woman gave a helping hand in stopping the fight.

"You the Good Samaritan for once!" one wrote and a second said: "Old boy definitely had a few scraps in his day."

Lewis told Clacton and Frinton Gazette: "I never expected the shove and punches but given their age I thought I had to get out and prevent one of them falling or hitting their heads – turns out one was quite agile."

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