Art buffs marvel at Daily Stars masterpiece front pages at new exhibition

Art buffs hailed Daily Star a "masterpiece" at an exhibition honouring our no-punches-pulled pandemic front pages.

Boffins flocked to one of Britain’s trendiest venues to muse over classic headlines such as Carry On Chaos, Stick It Up Yer Virus, The Dukes Of Biohazard and Psycho Seagulls Corona Rampage.

Our "do whatever the hell you want" Dominic Cummings face mask – crafted after the PM’s former aide’s infamous trip to Barnard Castle to test his post-Covid eyesight – proved a particular favourite.

Experts agreed the combination of biting satire and eye-catching artwork inspired by Carry On movies, iconic TV shows and seaside postcards deserved its place in any gallery.

Art technician Adam Sheeran, 28, said: "This stuff wouldn’t look out of place in The Tate.

"It’s remarkable to think each one was started and finished on the same day from concept to cover.

"Picasso doesn’t hold a copyright on masterpieces.

"These are modern treasures."

Bosses of The White Hotel in Manchester were so wowed by our pandemic coverage they asked permission to put our front covers on display in what they called – in honour of another headline – Nein! Nein! Nein! The Covid Covers exhibition.

Giant posters lined a red carpet route today (March 24) leading into the ex-MOT garage turned art venue in the shadow of Manchester’s famous Strangeways jail.

Benjamin Ward, 50, who runs the ex-MOT garage art space which alternates between exhibition centre and club, said: "People who would never normally look at a newspaper were picking up the Daily Star and thinking, woah’.

"It turned heads. We wanted to find some way of marking the two years we have all just endured and realised no-one had done it better than the Daily Star.’’

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