Astrid Wett responds to fans who think shes crazy blonde seen attacking car

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has responded to fans tagging her in a video of a "crazy blonde" attacking a car.

The viral clip shows a blonde-haired woman who jumped into traffic launching herself onto the bonnet before kicking in the windscreen.

Racking up 21,000 likes on Twitter, the outrageous clip showed the furious passer-by clambering on the car and stomping away, much to the dismay of Chelsea fan Astrid.

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She has since insisted the woman in the video is not her, asking fans to stop tagging her in the video of a "random crazy blonde" in the streets of Miami, United States.

Taking to Twitter to confirm it was not actually her, Astrid wrote: "Please stop tagging me in random crazy blonde women i swear it’s not me again."

Despite dismissing the outrageous car attack, Astrid has been involved in some car-based antics of her own, leaving what looked to be spray paint across the vehicle of a boxing and OnlyFans rival.

The Chelsea fan was seen in a video hopping onto Alexia Grace's car and spraying it. It came after Alexia nabbed a boxing belt from Astrid, although Astrid later claimed it wasn't real spray paint and would simply wash off.

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Astrid's hopes of embarrassing Alexia backfired when she realised she had left a spelling mistake on the vehicle, writing "theif" rather than "thief".

The blunder was spotted almost immediately by fans replying to her video, uploaded to Twitter.

One user asked "how do you spell thief wrong" while another joked "it's the spelling of thief for me".

Alexia responded to the stunt, writing: "Who does she think she is standing on my car. Learn how to spell it's embarrassing."

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