Astrid Wett tells fans she doesnt want a boyfriend after hush lover claims

Astrid Wett has shed light on the reason why she's single after being accused of having a secret boyfriend.

The OnlyFans legend has become known for her hilarious TikTok videos and in a recent clip she joked she likes to send topless pictures when she "doesn't know what to say to a guy".

However one fan wasn't impressed and took to the comments section to remark: "That’s why you don’t have a boyfriend."

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Astrid wasn't having any of it and made a separate video today (March 23) just to reply to the hater.

“Oh my god, you have cracked it," she quipped.

"It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I don’t actually want a boyfriend, but it must be the TikTok videos that’s stopping me from… thank you!"

Captioning the video, which has amassed 21,000 views to date, she wrote: "Any other advice?"

Fans were quick to weigh in on the sarcastic post, with one writing: "Astrid u seemed a little rattled here," to which Astrid replied: "Nah it’s all jokes, I appreciate the advice."

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Another added: "I'm surprised that she doesn’t have a boyfriend she's beautiful."

The TikTok comes after Astrid was accused by a former boxing rival of having a secret boyfriend.

The blonde bombshell came face-to-face with influencer opponent Keeley Colbran ahead of their match in October last year, where Astrid came out on top in just one round.

But before the pair faced off in the ring they met at a weigh-in where, seemingly in an attempt to poke fun at her adversary's online porn career, Keeley claimed Astrid had a secret boyfriend who was watching from the audience.

Pointing to the crowd, Keeley said: "There he is, is your boyfriend loving it? Look there he is, he's sitting right there!

"I bet no one knew that, I bet no one knew that – exactly!"

Astrid replied: "Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?"

She then attempted to kiss her long-time celebrity crush, KSI, who was in attendance as the CEO of the event's hosts, Misfits Boxing.

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However, the YouTuber-turned-boxer brutally shut her down.

Astrid later shared behind the scenes footage of her apologising to KSI after the press conference, with him telling her it was "okay" and "alright".


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