Australia planning to lure British workers down under

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STREWTH! Australian government officials want to lure more than 30,000 key British workers Down Under with an offer of better pay and a “surf and sunshine” lifestyle.

They are sending a delegation over to persuade doctors, nurses, teachers, police, builders, plumbers and other professionals and tradespeople that the future is brighter in Oz.

Anyone tempted by the Western Australia Government deal would find themselves living in a beautiful and booming region centred on Perth.

The move follows a drive last autumn to recruit British police officers, which saw 600 enquiries in the first 48 hours.

Paul Papalia, Western Australia’s police and defence minister, said yesterday nurses could earn 58 percent more than in Britain and care workers could double their salary.

The area has more than twice the amount of sunshine per year than the UK and only half the rainfall.

Mr Papalia said those who took up the offer could say goodbye to rising prices, a struggling health system, traffic jams and parking wardens.

“We are here to steal your workers by offering them a better life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet,” he said. “Western Australia is a fantastic place to live and work. You will be taken care of.

“Most of Perth’s population lives a short drive from the beach, where parking is free.

“There are no tolls on our roads. And if you don’t want to drive, public transport is also capped. Perth is a beautiful, clean and vibrant city, with food, bars, pubs and restaurants for all tastes.”

The region has nearly 31,000 unfilled vacancies because of booms in mining, construction, healthcare, new energy and advanced manufacturing.

Ministers believe that once Britain’s Free Trade Agreement with Australia comes into force later this year, UK workers will find it easier to move. The deal is expected to bring mutual recognition of qualifications for skilled workers and more benefits on a “working holidaymaker” visa.

Mr Papalia said the delegation arriving next week will hold skills events and jobs fairs in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin.

He added: “Many of our ancestors were sent from the UK to Australia as convicts. Now, it would be a crime not to make the move.”

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