Avalanche closes U.S. 6 over Loveland Pass

The Colorado Department of Transportation closed Loveland Pass on Wednesday morning following an avalanche in the area.

U.S. 6 was closed between Interstate 70 and Montezuma Road, and officials did not say when the roadway likely will reopen — but the avalanche did not impact it. The highway was closed due to safety concerns and so that crews can search the area.

Bruce Snelling of the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office said crews responded to mile marker 225 on U.S. 6 after a call came in around 8 a.m. They believe the avalanche was triggered around 6 a.m. and reported two hours later.

Snelling said there were ski tracks in the area, but officials weren’t sure whether they were fresh. Crews, including a helicopter, were seen in the area on a webcam. They are searching the debris field to make sure nobody was caught in the slide. Other than the tracks, first responders had no reason to believe anyone was impacted by the avalanche, according to Snelling.

CDOT said the area is popular among backcountry skiers.

The helicopter at the scene is a Fight For Life aircraft, according to Helis.com.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center recently warned about dangerous backcountry conditions.


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