Banks reject us because our racy cash cow romps are too hardcore for them

A couple who make over £17,000 a month from their explicit OnlyFans content say they have been refused by banks because their money is seen as “not ethical”.

Vittoria and her partner Matteo, from Varese, in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, make around €20k a month. But despite their high earnings, straight-laced bankers will not even touch a deposit when they learn what they do.

The couple – known on the London-based adult content platform as Shinratensei98 – say they have had two bank accounts shut down within weeks.

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Despite full invoices, accountants and business records, they struggle to keep even a simple current account open.

Matteo, 27, says as soon as they spot income coming from the platform – operated by Fenix International Ltd – they want to withdraw.

He explained: "They say we don't respect their guidelines, but the truth is that the money coming from OnlyFans is not ethical for them."

Matteo added: "They explained to us that the money that comes from OnlyFans is not well regarded, so when they see wire transfers arriving from Fenix International they begin to run checks.

"The banks don't want us because of our hardcore videos.

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"This creates an inconvenience for us because, like everyone, we have deadlines and payments, and every time they close our account, then it's a problem to open another account.

"The accountants explained to us that when a lot of money comes in, they put you on an anti-laundering list."

Matteo said that the bank then runs a check, with the couple's accountant sending them the invoice to prove that the cash is on the level.

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But Matteo said: "They replied saying that unfortunately we do not respect the bank's guidelines."

He said that he and Vittoria read all of the bank's guidelines and could not find a single clause that prohibited making money with pornography.

He complained: "The money that comes from this type of content is looked down on, even if it is not explained why.

"In the end, we pay taxes like everyone else, it's absurd!"

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Matteo told local media that the phenomenon is restricted to Italy and that many other content creators move abroad.

He said: "Many others have moved abroad, but we like Italy as a country."

Matteo continued: "In this world it is really not recommended to go to Italian banks."

"A friend of ours had called the bank after the first EUR 2,000 she had taken from the platform had arrived.

"The manager had asked her for explanations and then invited her to leave.

"Now she lives in Switzerland."

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