Bar staff flee from massive swarm of bees that force boozer to close down

A bar was forced to close after a huge swarm of bees nested outside on a railing

The massive swarm was first spotted on Sunday morning when staff at the 63rd+1st bar in Glasgow had to flee via the fire exit.

Footage shared by Glasgow Live shows the insects marking their territory on the side of a wheelie bin, as well as on a nearby railing.

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The insects formed in two clusters, leaving passers-by terrified as they walked past on Bothwell Street.

The bar closed for just over a day before it reopened on Monday evening.

Staff at the 63rd+1st eventually managed to relocate the bees away from the entrance.

Petya Petrova, who works as a duty manager at the bar, told BBC: "Hundreds of them swarmed outside the entire front of the building.

"I have no idea what happened, they just arrived randomly and settled onto the railing in about 10 minutes."

They had to put up a sign to explain the inconvenience caused by the uninvited bee colony on the terrace.

"But we still saw some people going up close to them and trying to touch the bees, which probably isn't a good idea," she added.

After putting a bin near the swarm, the manager noticed the bees were migrating over to nest.

Petya added: "They all moved over, which meant we were able to move the bin away from the entrance and reopen for dinner on Monday night."

However, it wasn't easy to get professionals to remove the bees.

The local council told the bar manager that they "don't deal with bees".

And a pest control company sent people to take a look, however, turned down the job as they couldn't help.

Petya finally got in touch with beekeepers who agreed to remove the bees on Wednesday.

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