Barmy Brit war tourist wont go to North Korea because a guided tour is boring

A barmy Brit who goes to danger zones for fun doesn't see a trip to North Korea in the near future because it's 'not dangerous' enough for him.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, has just recently finished his trip to Afghanistan after choosing to make the trip when he Google searched the "most dangerous countries to visit" and picked the top entry.

The 22-year-old who funds his trips with money from his loyal subscribers has also visited South Sudan, Kazakhstan riots and Ukraine – but he is reluctant to pay a visit to North Korea because it would be too 'boring.'

He explained in a tweet: "The reason I won't travel to North Korea is because a guided tour is boring, not dangerous and everyone has done it.

"If I was to go to North Korea, it would be through other means wayyy down the timeline."

The self-professed Catholic adventurer's trip came to an end today as he shared with his fans that he will be coming back to the UK today (Thursday, May 5).

He wrote: "Sadly guys it's time to return home, it's been a fun goofy time in Afghanistan. Here's to the next adventure!

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"Also as I leave Afghanistan, I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me along my way and to the people of Afghanistan for being very inviting. I hope I'm welcome back sometime!

"Oh no, my plane home is connecting through Pakistan. It's going to smell wild for 20 hours."

During his time over there, the brit was having "tea with the Taliban" and generally being a normal tourist, but in a war zone.

On Tuesday, May 3, he posted a picture on his popular Twitter account of him standing with a television presenter.

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Last Friday, a powerful explosion killed more than 50 worshippers after prayers at a Kabul mosque, the latest of a series of attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan during Ramadan but he still insisted he felt safe there.

On Wednesday, April 27, Miles turned heads when he broke bread with Taliban fighters after accidentally strolling into their compound.

He called them "kind" and despite receiving criticism online, he told the Daily Star that he's just calling it as he sees it.

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