BBC Weather: Britons brace for weekend washout as wall of rain to engulf UK

BBC Weather: UK set for wet and windy weekend

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BBC Weather meteorologist Matt Taylor told Brits to gear up for freezing temperatures on Friday but to expect “clear skies” before the weekend when people should brace themselves for outbreaks of rains and winds even though it will be less cold. He predicted it to be very chilly this morning across the whole country as the temperatures may turn “frosty” at night in the southeast whereas rain and engulfs Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mr Taylor said: “Temperatures will be a little bit chilly, and a little bit freezing across the UK.

“We have a frost in most parts, one or two exceptions, there will be a little bit more clouds through the Midlands towards past the central, southern England and more clouds pushing into the West of Northern Ireland.

“This is what’s gonna be the spoil of the weekend, plenty outbreaks of rain but before it arrives, with the clear skies around lovely crisp winter’s day for the vast majority.

“There will be a shower or two in Northwest England, the Isle of Man into Western Scotland, some of those are sleet and snow.

“Most will stay dry with sunny spells through the day but the breeze will be picking up across the west as we go through into the afternoon.

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“And that will bring a bit more in the way of cloud.”

Mr Taylor predicted the sun to gain in strength as the day goes on.

He said: “Temperatures today after that cold start, where they should be for this stage of February, and the sunshine is gaining a bit more strength, it should feel quite nice out there.

“This evening and overnight clear skies continue just about in the southeast but elsewhere cloud increases, there will be breaks of rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland into Northwest England and past of Wales.

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“And that will lift temperatures up. Maybe there will be a temporary frost early in the night towards that southeast.”

“And it’s here on Saturday where we probably just about stay dry with some hays and sunshine.

“Outbreaks of raining coming and going in Northern England, Wales, the Southwest throughout the day.

“Sunshine and hays in Scotland and Northern Ireland. A breeze blowing here. Breeze picking up for all of us, down to the Midlands and Lincolnshire through the afternoon. And even if we got more cloud, outbreaks of rain, and more breeze they will be up a bit on today, with that breeze coming in from the southwest.” 


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It will be frosty in Scotland and Northern Ireland and there will be “a lot of rain” and wind across the country on Saturday.

He said: “Saturday night there will be outbreaks of rain just starting to push in the southeast corner, maybe it will stay dry here because if we go into Sunday that weather front will start to push its way back north and it’s all down to the low pressure set to spin its way in.

“North of that, in Scotland or Northern Ireland, there might be a frost again, a mixture of sunshine and showers to take you through Sunday.

“Those showers are a bit on the wintry side but outbreaks of rain developing quite wide across England and Wales through the day.

“Questions marks will be over how far north that will get and may just stop somewhere across Northern Ireland, could get as close to the borders of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“But either way there will be a lot of rain around and strengthening winds, especially down England’s channel coast. Even if temperatures go up a little bit it will be a wet and windy day.”

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