BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood in mist and fog warning as Britons brace for frost outbreaks

BBC Weather: Damp and cloudy Thursday in the west of UK

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BBC Weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood has discussed the latest UK Weather maps on BBC breakfast pointing out a weather front bringing damp and cloud conditions. She forecast that the west of the UK is to face damper conditions while the weather will be brighter in the east. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “This morning is quite cloudy it’s quite murky, and it’s also quite damp, especially so across parts of England and Wales but even southern Scotland. There’s a bit of mist and fog around too.

“Now as we go through the course of the day, the weather front which is bringing us all this wet weather in the West will very slowly push eastwards, but ahead of it, it does mean that it’s a brighter day than it was yesterday with a little bit of sunshine.

“So we start off with a bit of cloud, misty murky conditions England, Wales, southern Scotland, our weather front continuing to slowly move towards the east and as it does so well we are looking at that rain moving with it.

“Behind it, some brighter skies, and some will come out across parts of Northern Ireland, parts of Wales into Devon and Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly the Channel Islands a bit later, but even so there will still be the odd shower.”

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“And for East Anglia, you’ll hang on to some bright skies ahead of the cloud coming in ahead of this weather front,” she continued. 

“The temperatures today ranging from seven to 12 degrees and a noticeable breeze across the far northeast of the country particularly so northern Isles.

“Through this evening and overnight, here is our weather front, continuing its slow journey moving eastwards.

“Not quite getting into East Anglia at this stage, and we’ve got clear skies here it will be cold.”

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“Falling away in Norwich to one degree but for Scotland, Northern Ireland is going to be colder stills,” she added. 

“So again in sheltered areas, we are looking at some frost.

“So tomorrow we pick up that weather front which again is continuing its journey towards the east, but what it’s going to do eventually is flip around and start to come back towards the west.

“But on Friday, it eventually clears history in Scotland it hangs around eastern and central parts of England, and on the other side of it in the West we’re looking at some sunny skies coming through with just a peppering of showers.”

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Temperatures tomorrow is six in Newcastle to 12 in London, so still mild for many of us.

“As we head into the weekend high pressure is starting to build certainly so in Scotland in Northern Ireland by Sunday, it will be established across us all so we’ll see more sunshine, but it is going to be chilly by night with some frost to watch out for.

“So here is our same weather front and Saturday producing this cloud.

“Some spots of light rain and drizzle and note how instead of going eastwards now, it’s travelling west so it will brighten up inside these during the course of Saturday will be cloudier across western and central parts of England and Wales but under high-pressure Scotland in Northern Ireland, still seeing a fair bit of sunshine but the temperatures will be that bit lower than they had been.”

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