BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns mixed fortunes to split UK with blustery rain

UK weather: Drastic differences between the UK's north and south

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BBC weather woman Carol Kirkwood has warned the UK faces drastically unsettled weather with a huge difference in the conditions facing the north and south. Ms Kirkwood warned BBC Breakfast on Wednesday that Britain faces “mixed fortunes” on the weather front with the south and east enjoying the better temperatures and clearer skies. She predicted the north and east to bear the brunt of a new weather front bring in showers and gusty winds.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is really mixed fortunes with the weather today.”

“For the south and the east today we are going to hold on to a lot of dry weather, sunny spells and it is going to feel warm,” added the presenter.

“But if you are in the north and the west it is a completely different story.

“The clouds building in, there is some rain already in parts of the north and west and it is going to be breezy.”

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“If you haven’t got the rain yet, it is coming your way,” warned Ms Kirkwood.

“So you can see the bright start some sunshine as well across the central and eastern areas.

“The rain already in Northern Ireland and Scotland, advancing eastward across the course of the day.

“And as it does so the cloud ahead of it will build, the far southeast though holding on to some sunshine.”

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The meteorologist continued: “And we could hit 25 degrees in that sunshine.

“Back towards the west, we have got that cloud and the rain extending all the way up from southwest England, Wales, northwest England, and into Scotland.

“It will be on and half, it will be heavy at times.

“But it will clear western Scotland with those few showers left behind and also Northern Ireland you will see it brighten up with some sunshine as we go through the afternoon.  

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“Temperatures in the west that bit lower though as a result,” she added.

“We are looking at about 17 to 18 or 19.

“This evening and overnight here is this weather front you can see it is weakening, it becomes more of a narrow band as it continues to push in the direction of the northeast.

“Behind it some clear skies, we will see some patchy rain and fog forming, the breeze picking up in the west blowing in some showers across westerns Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

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