BBC Weather forecast: UK braces for 25C heatwave on Bank Holiday Easter weekend

Although not everyone will get to enjoy the sunshine and the hot weather because of the coronavirus lockdown measures, those lucky enough to have a garden will be able to bask in 25C and full sunshine this Easter weekend. BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned temperatures have already started going up since Wednesday when some places reached 24C. For Thursday, he forecast: “Isolated rain showers in the north-east of Wales but most places will dry and once again across many part of England and Wales it will be a sunny and warm day with temperatures up around 23C or 24C.

“Some temperature contrast across northern England with the breeze of the sea, 9C in Scarborough compared to 17C on the west coast.

“It will feel cool across the eastern coasts and cloudy through today compared to yesterday.

“Clear skies to the south and the west continue with a few showers possible in the northern parts of England into southern Scotland leader and a bit more on the way of wet weather through Orkney and into Shetland.

“That means it will be cold tonight across north-east Scotland compared with the night just gone.”

For the start of the Easter weekend, he added: “Good Friday, tomorrow, some thundery showers possible across Scotland through the day.

“Most places will be dry, brightening in southern Scotland, a lot of sunshine for England and Wales and because of that easterly breeze it will not be as chilled.

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“Perhaps 25C possible in the south and it could be warmer especially in England and Wales on on Saturday when we see the lion’s share of the sunshine once again.”

Although there will be some brief periods of showers throughout April, the Met Office’s long-range forecast has predicted dry weather will be constant for many.

Reporting on the period between April 11-20, the Met Office said: “Over the rest of the Easter weekend, there should be a good deal of dry, settled weather with sunny spells.

“It will be driest in the south, with the greatest chance of rain and stronger winds in the far north and northwest of the UK.

“Temperatures above normal, and warmest in the south, but with overnight frosts further north.


“Beyond the Easter weekend, this weather pattern is expected to continue with dry weather dominating.”

In graphs from weather forecaster, WX Charts, the UK is set to see temperatures hitting above 20C (68F) for large parts of the country on April 8.

Although the north of England will not see the best of the sunshine, temperatures will still be in the high teens.

That band of hot weather will continue the following day, with WX Charts showing temperatures once again around 20C (68F) on April 9.

In conjunction with the Met Office’s long-range reports, WX Charts also forecasts between April 13-15 temperatures will once again soar to 20C and above (68F).

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The Met Office reported that for the final 10 days of the month, dry weather is most likely.

They said: “Although confidence is low during this time period, the most probable scenario is that dry weather should dominate, with some interludes of more changeable weather at times.”

Today, many across the country will experience temperatures in the high teens, with London reaching 20C (68F), the Met Office has reported.

This bright and clear weather will remain for most of the day until the evening whereby the north will see some showers.

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