BBC Weather: Hot and humid blast to grip UK this weekend as temperatures jump to 25C

BBC Weather forecasts warm and humid conditions across UK

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Hot and humid weather will dominate the country today before heavy bursts of rain arrive on Saturday. Temperatures could soar to at least 25C in London according to the Met Office forecast. The latest BBC weather forecast shows southernly air bringing the UK some “mild and humid weather”.

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas told BBC Breakfast viewers that the weekend weather will be a “fairly unsettled story but not a complete washout”.

She said: “We have had a mixed bag of weather over the last week or so – it has been cloudy, a few spots of rain around at times, and temperatures not been great for the time of year.

“Today there should be some sunshine on offer for many parts of the UK, but there will be some rain arriving in the west later on.

“That sets us up for a fairly unsettled story over the weekend – but it’s not a complete washout.”

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She continued: “We have high pressure in charge to start off Friday, which sees these southerly winds developing for a time.

“It won’t bring us a heatwave but it will bring us some mild, slightly humid weather.

“For most places we have light winds, and in those sunny spells, temperatures are not doing too badly today – up to 18C to 22C, and we could see up to 24C to 25C in sunnier spells.

“The rain arrives on Friday evening, and moves its way eastwards so overnight that pushes into parts of England and Wales too.

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“We could see some heavy bursts of rain on Saturday, with the odd rumble of thunder as well. That rain arrives into the south-east and East Anglia by Saturday evening.

“Temperatures are not great on Saturday, around 17C to 21C.

“On Sunday we could see some scattered showers, as the rain drifts its way out of the country.”


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She added: “Most of the country will have dry weather on Sunday but there will be a few isolated showers.

“Temperatures around 19C to 21C, possibly 22C in the south-east of England.

“It looks as if high pressure will leave the weather fairly dry and settled next week.”

Temperatures throughout next week appear stable, with London experiencing around 22C while Edinburgh stays around 18C.

Some parts of the UK have seen over a month’s worth of downpours in the first two and a half weeks of August.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “Friday is looking fairly dry and we could see 24 or 25C which will probably be around the London area.

“It could be fairly unsettled with some rain on Saturday, with the driest day being Friday.”

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin added: “There are signs of drier and sunnier weather ahead, coming next week.

“It will be drier, sunnier and warmer – and as it’s August there’s still some power left in the sun so it will feel a fair bit warmer next week.”

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