BBC Weather: Ice warning brings ‘sharp frost’ to suffering commuters despite storm respite

BBC Weather forecasts cold but settled conditions for the UK

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BBC presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas appeared on BBC Breakfast and revealed the UK will see temperatures fall below freezing despite there being sunny skies and calmer winds. Ms Keith-Lucas said snow warnings have been put in place across Scotland – bringing misery to commuters – with the rest of the UK seeing dry weather but temperatures ranging between -1C to 5C. Some showers can be expected in the east and north but for many, the weekend will be a calm respite from recent storms which have caused havoc across the country.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Ms Keith-Lucas put many minds at ease and said the weekend would be a fairly calm and relaxed time.

Winds are expected to be more still but temperatures will be bitterly cold in the morning, dipping below freezing in some areas down south.

She said: “A much quieter day today certainly compared to what we had this time and last week battling Stormy Eunice.

“Now, today, we’ve got higher pressure in charge so a lot of settled weather with some sunshine but it certainly is a chilly morning.

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“We’ve got quite a sharp frost in some areas and some icy stretches, even some snow showers still in the north.

“So we’ve got these blustery showers this morning for Scotland, parts of northern England, in Northern Ireland but they’re tending to fade away quite quickly.

“So lots of dry weather on the map today with the blue sky, it’ll be cloudy over later on across Northern Ireland and Scotland and rain in the Northwest but most other places looking dry.

“Light winds out there and temperatures around about eight to 12 degrees today.”

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The BBC presenter then looked at the days ahead and said while the climate will be calm many can expect the mornings to be bitterly cold.

She continued: “And then as we head through into the [Friday] evening hours once the sunsets it’s going to turn quite chilly quite quickly.

“We’ve got clear skies, light winds to more clouds for Scotland and Northern Ireland, more of a breeze here so temperatures not quite falling.

“So low, we’re looking at around six to eight degrees for overnight lows but for England and Wales, many of us are getting down to freezing or even a little bit below in the countryside.

“So a cold frosty start to set, we haven’t seen a lot of frost recently across parts of England and Wales.

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“There will again be lots of sunshine pretty similar to today, England and Wales, always a bit breezier across Scotland and Northern Ireland with a little bit more cloud and some rain across the far northwest.

“Temperatures are nine or 10 degrees for most of us on Saturday… winds moving through into Sunday, tend to fizzle out a little bit as it pushes its way eastwards.”

The Met Office added: “Further areas of rain, sleet and hail, with snow mainly at elevations above around 200-300 metres, are likely to affect many areas this evening.

“These will be heavy in places, perhaps bringing 2-5 cm of snow to some of the higher routes across the Pennines and Scotland.

“Beyond midnight, showers will become less widespread and will fall increasingly as rain or sleet away from some higher routes and parts of northern Scotland.”

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