BBC Weather – Kirkwood warns erratic wet weather to pummel UK

BBC Weather: Forecast predicts mild conditions with some rain

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The BBC weatherwoman forecasted temperatures ranging from between 12-14C degrees from North to South and strong weather fronts will be moving Northwards from the Atlantic. Ms Kirkwood also predicted breezy winds and some heavy thunder for those located in the Channel Islands. Ms Kirkwood warned that gale force winds are expected to sweep across the Outer Hebrides and North West Scotland.


Ms Kirkwood said: “All of us have got temperatures in double figures and this mild trend is going to continue as we head on through the weekend.

“Mild by day, mild by night and now what is happening today is low pressure is still very much driving our weather.

“We’ve got weather fronts moving Northwards, and then later we’ve got weather fronts coming in from the Atlantic as well.

“The iso bars tell you it’s also going to be breezy, and if not windy.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “So we’ve had a lot of rain coming up across the Channel Islands, in through the South-West and the Midlands heading over towards the East of England. 

“This morning some of that has not just been heavy it’s also been thundery.

“And we’ve got another band of rain moving across the Outer Hebrides pushing steadily Northwards.

“Now the rain in England and Wales moves North through the day getting into Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “And behind it what you will find is it will brighten up, and now it’s going to brighten up, there will be one or two showers here and there.

“And ahead of it too it’s going to stay largely dry until much later.

“But blustery as I mentioned, windy though touching gale force at times across the Outer Hebrides and North West Scotland.

“Temperature wise it’s still above average, remember the average at this time of the year is roughly 12-14 degrees North to South.

Ms Kirkwood added: “We’re looking at 13-20 degrees North to South, and then as we head on through that evening our first band of rain continues to pull away from Scotland.

“This second one comes in from the Atlantic, and this weather front is moving erratically from the West to the East.

“Ahead of it, there will be some clear skies, and there will be one or two showers as well.

“And we’re going to have another mild night.”


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