BBC Weather: UK chill continues as temperatures drop close to freezing ahead of weekend

BBC Weather: Expect freezing temperatures says Ben Rich

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The UK faces near-freezing temperatures tonight, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. However, the widespread chill across the country in the past 24 hours “is just a brief one”. BBC meteorologist Ben Rich told BBC Breakfast viewers that temperatures are set to rise this weekend “back towards the average temperatures for this time of year”.

Mr Rich said: “After a decidedly chilly day on Thursday in most places, temperatures have dropped where the night sky is still clear

“Most of us start Friday in the midst of this cool air and a decidedly chilly feel in the northeast of Scotland.

“That is where we will have some of the coldest, windiest weather but also some of the sunniest.

“Winds for most of us will ease through the day, though it will stay quite blustery towards the northeast.”

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He continued: “As we move through Friday night, clear skies for parts of England and Scotland will see it turn really quite chilly.

“Temperatures will be getting close to freezing here.

“A weather front on Saturday will introduce some wind and rain across the UK.

“Ahead of it we will see more cloud and crucially this southernly wind moving up will bring some milder air.

“So there is a milder feel to the weather as we go through the weekend.

“That milder air will bring some outbreaks of rain from time to time, from Northern Ireland to Scotland.”

BBC Weather: Europe set for a 'drop in temperatures'

The BBC meteorologist said that temperatures will remain in the mid-teens across Saturday and Sunday, with 15C predicted for southern England.

Fellow BBC weather presenter Matt Taylor echoed Mr Rich, telling viewers: “The chill we have had over the last day or so is just a brief one.

“Temperatures are set to rise this weekend, returning to average temperatures for this time of October. Temperatures will be in the mid-teens for the vast majority of us.”


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This comes after torrential downpours in the southeast and London took their toll.

Storm Aurore unleashed wet and windy conditions across southern parts of England on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The Met Office had issued an amber rain warning amid concerns of widespread disruption and “very heavy rain”.

Ahead of Storm Aurore, the Thames Barrier was closed for the 200th time after a number of flood warnings were put in place.

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