BBC Weather: UK split into two as southern England to be pummelled by heavy band of rain

BBC Weather: Band of rain set to move across parts of UK

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Heavy rain is set to appear later in the day in south-eastern parts of England as rain fragments are expected to head towards East Anglia and south-east during the day, warned BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor. Some dry spots in the north and west of the UK, with a mix of sunshine and showers in the northern half of the country, are ready to “split the country in two” today. Temperatures are set to reach 14C to 17C degrees today, with some blustery wind blowing across the English Channel and the north of Scotland, warned Mr Taylor. Rain fragments are expected to clear away through the evening and as we approach Thursday morning. 

Mr Taylor said: “Not great news for the morning commute, but brilliant news for some of the gardeners, especially across England and Wales.

“Significant rainfall comes courtesy of this weather system pushing in from the southwest, we do have showers linked to this weather front end the north.

“A little bit of sunshine in between, sort of semi-dry start.

“You can see the extent of rain now across parts of central-western England and also Wales, gap though between the south and the east.

“The country split in two.

“The rain will be pushing its way eastwards.

“Most significant totals across Wales and the Midlands, around 10-15 maybe 20 millimetres of rain here.

“That rain fragments heads towards East Anglia and the south-east.

“Some gardens are starting dry, brighten up for many in the north and west.

“In the northern half of the country, a mix of sunshine and showers, some of those showers could be heavy infantry, some spots avoiding them and staying completely dry.

“A blustery wind blowing today, especially across the English Channel and the north of Scotland, it does make a cooler day than we have had in the last few days.

“Temperatures 14C to 17C degrees, a roundabout where we should be for this stage in May.

“Pollen levels will take a hit, good news for those suffering from hay fever where the rain is falling.

“But some brother spots across northern England and south-east Scotland, we could see levels creep to high once again.


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“Going through this evening and overnight we will see the rain in East Anglia and the south-east, fragments are set to clear away through the evening, dry nights to come for many.

“Some showers across parts of Scotland, with clearer skies, light winders, cooler than the past couple of nights.

“It will be frost-free to take us into Thursday.

“Thursday and Friday a lot of dry weather, few showers in Scotland.

“Quite a windy day on Friday with some of the dry weather continuing into the weekend”.

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