BBC Weather: Yellow fog warning issued as misty conditions set in a…

BBC Weather: Temperatures to 'drop substantially' warns Taylor

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The BBC weatherman warned that there would be dense patches of fog around the South this morning. And warned that there will be fog on major road networks across the Midlands and the Southern region of the country. And the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog. Britons can also expect to see temperatures ranging from 6 to 12 degrees, North to South.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s not particularly warm out there today either.

“Particularly dense patches of fog around the South this morning, this is the area really covered by the worst of that fog.

“Major road networks across the Midlands and Southern England, South and East Wales.

“That fog could linger for a good part of the day for one or two as well.

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Mr Taylor added: “A sluggish commute, you will need a bit of extra time this morning.

“And it’s only part of the story, it will be a wetter start to across parts of Northern and Eastern Scotland.

“Outbreaks of rain here, and the heaviest in the North and the East.

“There will be a few splashes in Cumbria and Northumberland, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.”

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BBC Weather: Fog risk as temperatures plummet

Mr Taylor said: “Compared to this morning skies will brighten a touch here.

“The mildest weather will be in Western Scotland and temperatures will range from 12-13 degrees.

“It will be a chilly one elsewhere, and across the South where mist and fog lingers.

“We could see temperatures only around 3 or 4 celsius at the highest.

“You will see some further mist and fog and some frost form tonight, increasing chances of showers in the South East.

“It will be mildest in the North and West of Scotland, where there will be further light rain or drizzle.

“Then as we go into tomorrow the fog will probably be more of an issue towards the West of the UK where the winds are lighter around Wales and the West Midlands.”

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