BBC Weather: Yellow rain warnings extended as Britain on track for more flooding

BBC Weather: Britain could face flooding during next few days

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BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas noted the Met Office have issued a yellow rain warning for parts of the UK. She added, due to the heavy rain there is also a chance of flooding. In addition to the heavy rain, strong gales are expected throughout the country.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “There are still some flood warnings in force.

“Today there is more rain on the cards but it is going to be quite a windy day so the rain will move through relatively quickly.

“There are yellow warnings in force from the Met Office for heavy rain for some of us.

“There will be a little bit of sunshine around as well, it won’t be raining all day.

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“It has been piling in over the last few hours on this low-pressure system.

“On the radar image, it has been raining overnight across Northern Ireland, Wales the southwest of England.

“That rain will now be pushing into southwest Scotland, northwest England, and approaching the southeast too.

“This area of rain will be quite heavy at times and the colours are indicating some real torrential bursts.

BBC weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood forecasts sunny skies

“There could be some thunderstorms that make itself northwards and eastwards and there will be very windy conditions.

“Gales likely around some Irish sea coasts, through the English Chanel as well.

“There will also be scattered showers rolling in behind the main rain band.”

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Ms Keith Lucas closed by noting the bouts of sunshine around the UK on Sunday.

She said: “A blustery day, 50 mph or close to when you are next to the coast.

“There will be sunshine around particularly for central and eastern parts.

“Temperatures are around 10-14c, so not far off from what we would expect”.

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